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Triangle Of Creativity

TOC stands for Triangle Of Creativity. TOC Production offers you a one stop productions with high quality services and products. We specialize in music and filming productions, photography, event and wedding planning, artist and event management.

Our Goals

TOC Production is a production house provides music, video and artists production in Malaysia, Our mission is to build a reputation among local productions as the most creative, reliable and friendliest producer around. We build strong communication locally, internationally and virtually.

  • To provide high quality services and products.
  • To deliver professional, reliable, efficient and creative services and products.
  • To give you our services at a reasonable price.
TOC Production is a growth company that believes we are a company transformed, focused which has the ability to grow profits consistently is based on sustainable revenue growth – growth driven by our ability as strong brand positioning and execution of our business strategies, despite the uncertain macroeconomic environment and the significant strategic investments we have needed to make in upgrading and stabilizing the acquired TOC businesses.

We will continue to reinvest profits in the acquired businesses and we are optimistic about our long-term prospects, with revenue growth expected to accelerate in 2017. Our global growth strategy continues to focus on leveraging our regional operating platforms, which encompass music and video production, events, corporates, wedding, artist and talent management, TV shows, live performance and licensing operations, in order to further penetrate our iconic brands across new categories, existing markets, new markets and multiple demographics. The strength of our brands and the opportunities created with the sound

execution of our business strategies, should enable us to continue to drive our long-term growth and deliver improved financial returns. We believe that these opportunities will drive our financial performances of our TOC Production Brand Businesses.

We want to be known as one of the Asia great companies, here’s what we know. An outstanding reputation cannot be bought or manipulated. It has to be earned over decades by ethical, customer-centered behavior. Our vision and our values come first not our reputation.

Our reputation extends from our character, not the other way around. We should want to do something- or not do something based first on whether it’s right for our customers, team members, communities and shareholders, not for how it will affect our reputation. If it’s the right thing to do, it will be good for our reputation. 

TOC Production Team

Believe That You Can Do It!